Friday, May 6, 2016

Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango ¨Dinner and Show¨

As a night event, enjoy a traditional Argentine dinner while watching a Tango Show of the highest caliber. Any of these companies will come pick you up from the hostel:

Madero Tango

Excellent performances with a beautiful view! This company offers a competitive price for a high end show (about half the price of Señor Tango). 

This is a flashy event, one of the most famous tango shows in Buenos Aires and therefore one of the most expensive.

Complejo Tango

This is another great option! Highly skilled dancers at a lower price.

Tango Bars

You can also hear or watch a tango while having a cup of coffee in a historic bar.

Café Tortoni

36 Billares

Confiteria Ideal

La Cumparcita

And if you are up for it, there are tons of places to LEARN to dance Tango and Tango Clubs, these are called ¨Milongas¨ and will give you a more authentic experience!

Tango Dance Halls and Clubs - ¨Milongas¨

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