Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fernet Con Coca - The Classic Argentine Mixed Drink

¨Fernet con Coca¨ is the most common mixed drink at any Argentine party. Fernet Branca is a bitter, liquorice tasting, herbal liquor that is made in Italy and Argentina. It is an aquired taste. Those who don´t like it say it tastes medicinal and those who do like it... have a lot more fun!

  • 30% Fernet
  • 70% Coke
  • Lot´s of ice and enjoy!

FUN FACT: Fernet-con-coca is common in all of Argentina but the people from the province of Cordoba are particularly famous for their love of this drink. It even made it to the New York Times:

And.. if you are more of a Sprite person don´t worry! Gancia is another popular alcohol in Argentina worth trying:

  • 1/2 Gancia
  • 1/2 Sprite
  • Lemon and/or sugar to taste

Cheers! or as they say in Buenos Aires ¨SALUD!¨

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