Sunday, May 29, 2016

´Captain America: Civil War´ Review

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Captain America: Civil War is the latest instalation of movies linking together a multitude of superheroes in the Marvel universe.

Just as any super hero movie, I left the theater feeling entertained and satisfied with what I got considering that one doesn´t go to a super hero movie expecting a deep plot, but I did leave with a surprising level of existential questioning towards right/wrong and how to solve problems.

This movie begins to ask the questions about the repurcussions of what happens after doing billions in damage from fighting the bad guys. Again comes the famous statement, with great power comes great responsibility, giving Spider Man an opportunity for appearance.

As the posters suggest, Captain America and Iron Man come at odds with each other over how best to do what is right. Captian America symbolically takes the American aproach towards it: if there are bad guys, we gotta fight them. Iron Man is more of a diplomat with this arguing against fighting under some circumstances.

This movie has no near-apocolypse or bad guy trying to destroy the world. We see a much more versatile approach to character development with some more old fashioned hand-to-hand fighting. There are still plenty of explosions and battles, but a lot of it takes place between good guys.

Don´t get me wrong. This movie is still a brawler Marvel movie, and it might take itself alittle too seriously, but it goes just a tad deeper than normal, giving it a fresh feel that has of recent been lacking in superhero movies lately.

Furthermore, we see even more tethering of all the super heroes´ stories together. It seems that the next Avengers title will have an impressive amount of characters all with full fledged backgrounds ready to fend off any evil threatening mankind here on planet earth!

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