Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tips For Flushing When Abroad

When traveling abroad you might find that toilets don´t work the same way in every country. Imagine using the restroom and you go to flush but you can´t figure out how? Or where? Help!

Some of the different ways to flush a toilet in Argentina:

1. The handle used in the United States is probably the least common but can be found.

2. The button on the top is very popular, or a button on the side.

3. It might not even be on the toilet at all. Like a button on the wall.

4. Sometimes it is a knob on top that you have to lift up.

5. In spanish to flush is ¨tirar la cadena¨ which literally means ¨pull the chain.¨ So if you don´t see a button anywhere look up and there might be a chain to pull.

Good Luck!

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