Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Craft Beer in Buenos Aires

If you come from a beer loving country you may be suprised when you order a beer at a restaurant and instead of asking you which kind, the waiter nods and brings you a Quilmes, or maybe a Stella. Both of these are very light lagers with little flavor or body and sadly the most popular by far in all of Argentina. But do not be dishartened! A beer culture is growing in Buenos Aires and you can find delicious craft beers if you know where to look!

Palermo Hollywood:

OnTap Carft Beer (Costa Rica 5527) To be overwhelmed by flavors, but watch out it gets crowded.

Cerveza Baum (Honduras 5720) To enjoy a good beer and be able to sit down and talk.

Barbas Bar (Humbolt 1879) To go with friends, be loud and meet people.

Palermo Viejo:

Cerveza Old Mule (Jose Antonio Cabrera 4946) For a good beer with a live show.

Antares Brew Pub (Armenia 1447) For bigger cups to give you a little foam.

San Telmo:

Antares Brew Pub (Bolivar 491) To bring friends!

These should keep you happy for a bit! But you can find more at:


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