Friday, April 8, 2016

Argentine Slang - the basics that locals use every day!

Ready for the next level of Spanish? Want to try and sound more local or less formal?

Here is some PG 13 slang - Maybe offensive to someone older but definitely okay among friends.

SlangMeaning Literal Translation
Che Hey, Hey you, Dude, Buddy/Mate, and as a pause to think
Dale Okay, Sounds good, Yeah, For sure, Go ahead, Hurry up, Come on
Re Very, really
Joya/Genial Great, Wonderful, Cool, Nice, Brilliant Joya=jewel
Boludo (friendly) Dude (unfriendly) Dumbass, idiot
Todo bien (question) How´s it going? Everything okay? Are you alright? (answer) It´s all good, Everything is good!, I´m fine
Osea cualquiera Like so random, like what? Random thing
Tranqui (verb) Chill, relax, slow down, chillax Abbreviation of tranquilo = tranquil
Sufi Enough, stop there, that´s good there Abbreviation for suficiente = sufficient
Ya fue It´s too late, let it go, nevermind It already left.
Tiene un mambo en la cabeza/ tiene un mambo con eso They are crazy/ they are hung up on that something
Que quilombo What a mess, disaster, complicated situation
Gringo Foreigner
Me estas jodiendo/ Dejate de joder You are F´ing with me, No kidding, No way joder = F´
Tipo/Chabon/Pibe Dude, guy
Tipo/ Y nada../ Este../ Osea Like/ and so nothing.. / Um.. / I mean (sentence fillers)
Gracioso Funny, hilarious Greasy
Cago de risa Dying of laughing, I´m shitting myself I´m shitting from laughter
Cago de hambre Dying of hunger, starving I´m shitting from hunger
Me muero I would die, how embarrasing,  I would die
Es buena onda/ Es mala onda They´re chill, easy going, fun. They are cool with it, they are down with it/ They are a grump, stuck up, stingy, not game for anything, rude (anything negative) They have good or bad energy
Que mala onda/ Que buena onda What a shame, how rude, that sucks/ Sweet, That´s awesome, No way how great What bad/good energy
Que onda (positive) Heyyyy, What up, What´s going on, What´s the deal/plan (question) What´s with you, What´s your problem What´s the energy
Baja un cambio Take it down a knotch, slow down Go down a gear
No tengo un mango I have no money, I am broke, I don´t have a dime
No da Something doesn´t add up, not going to work It doesn´t give
No da para ...  It´s not a good moment to ... Things aren´t right to ...  It´s not going to be enough time for things to work out well It doesn´t give for
No doy mas I am exhausted, I´m beat, I can´t take anymore I can´t give any more
Que fiaca/ Que paja I´m feeling too lazy to do that, what a headache to think about doing that, no way I´m doing that fiaca=lazy, paja (stronger version of phrase)=dick
Tomatela Suck it up, F´ you Take it
Me chupa un huevo/ Me chupa I don´t give a F´, I could careless I suck an egg
No entiendo un pomo I don´t understand a thing, I´m totally lost
Forro Prick, Jerk, also means Condom Cover
Le salto la ficha He/She lost it, He/She flipped out When someone´s chip jumps
Pedo Literally means to fart but can be a versatile word...
Vivir en un nube de pedos Be out of touch with reality, Clueless To live in a cloud of farts
El año del pedo Forever ago The year of the fart
Estar en pedo (verb)To be drunk
Ni en pedo No way I´m doing that, No chance that´s happening Not even if I were drunk
Escabio/Escabiar (noun) Alcohol, booze (verb) to drink alcohol
Transar (verb) Makeout
Morfar chow down, stuff yourself
Chamuyar/Mandar fruta B.S., make it all up Send fruit
Chamuyero Player, smooth talker, someone who B.S.´s
Baboso Catcaller, sleazy man Someone who drools or the animal slug
Posta (question) for real?, no shit? (statement) it´s the real deal, I´m not kidding, I´m not messing with you
Trucho Fake, cheap, knock-off Trout
Cheto Preppy
Que pesado/ Es un pesado Something thatis annoying, irritating, or a person who is annoying heavy
Es lo mas/ Sos lo mas It´s awesome/ You´re the best It´s everything, you´re everything
Copado/Coparse (adjective) cool, awesome (verb) get into it, have fun
Sos un bocho/ Sos un groso You are a brain/You are the shit
Piola (about a person) intelligent, street smart, creative thinker (in general) great, affirmative statement
Cara dura To do something shameless (do a poor job and still ask for money, not own up to something), be fake Put on a hard face
Chorear Steal, take without permission To drip
Hacer dedo Hitchhike Make finger
Se zarpo/ Zarpado (verb) go too far in a joke or with a comment (adjective) extremely, shockingly

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