Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Craft Beer in Buenos Aires

If you come from a beer loving country you may be suprised when you order a beer at a restaurant and instead of asking you which kind, the waiter nods and brings you a Quilmes, or maybe a Stella. Both of these are very light lagers with little flavor or body and sadly the most popular by far in all of Argentina. But do not be dishartened! A beer culture is growing in Buenos Aires and you can find delicious craft beers if you know where to look!

Palermo Hollywood:

OnTap Carft Beer (Costa Rica 5527) To be overwhelmed by flavors, but watch out it gets crowded.

Cerveza Baum (Honduras 5720) To enjoy a good beer and be able to sit down and talk.

Barbas Bar (Humbolt 1879) To go with friends, be loud and meet people.

Palermo Viejo:

Cerveza Old Mule (Jose Antonio Cabrera 4946) For a good beer with a live show.

Antares Brew Pub (Armenia 1447) For bigger cups to give you a little foam.

San Telmo:

Antares Brew Pub (Bolivar 491) To bring friends!

These should keep you happy for a bit! But you can find more at:


Friday, April 22, 2016

Cultural Events and Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Cities are beautiful because there is always something going on! But frustrating because there is so much it is hard to know what is happening each night and where!

Here are some helpful WEBSITES so you can be in the know about all the CULTURE events, FESTIVALS and NIGHTLIFE happening around you as you visit BUENOS AIRES!

Vuenos Airez is a good catch all website that locals use. Translate it with google translate and you are good to go! This site will tell you all the big names who are performing in Buenos Aires, if there are any free events and if any clubs or bars have a special party happening! If you make an account you can also buy your tickets online and get discounts.

Wanting to check out some clubs? Or as they say in Spanish: ¨Boliches¨
Baresyboliches is a site that is kept up to date on the best clubs in the city and what you can expect from each of them. Click on the US flag at the top of the page for English and find out the age group, ambient and music style at each club!

Club Culture in Buenos Aires

The best areas for clubs are Palermo and Recoleta! Attire depends entirely on the club. Many will not let you in if you are wearing sporty or informal clothing. If you are unsure it is best to wear a dress and heels for girls and a button up and nice shoes for guys.

Many clubs in the city of Buenos Aires will open for a matinee crowd of 16 to 18 years of age until 1 am and then clean the place and reopen for 18 and older around 2 or 3 AM, with alcohol sales as the drinking age is 18. Other places serve food and offer discounted entrance fees to those who come by 10 pm or midnight. This is all because you eat dinner LATE and you go out LATE in Buenos Aires!

Locals might meet up at a friend´s house or bar around midnight to hang out and drink until 3 AM and wait to go clubbing until 3 or 4 AM. Clubs close around 6 AM or later and it´s not a full night unless you grab breakfast before going back to your place to crash.

The impressive part is that locales might go out on a week night and then still go to work the next day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tips For Flushing When Abroad

When traveling abroad you might find that toilets don´t work the same way in every country. Imagine using the restroom and you go to flush but you can´t figure out how? Or where? Help!

Some of the different ways to flush a toilet in Argentina:

1. The handle used in the United States is probably the least common but can be found.

2. The button on the top is very popular, or a button on the side.

3. It might not even be on the toilet at all. Like a button on the wall.

4. Sometimes it is a knob on top that you have to lift up.

5. In spanish to flush is ¨tirar la cadena¨ which literally means ¨pull the chain.¨ So if you don´t see a button anywhere look up and there might be a chain to pull.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Using Public Transportation in Buenos Aires - Buses and Subways and Trains oh my!

Tired of spending on Taxis? The Buenos Aires Public Transportation System is not the fanciest but all the locals use it at all hours so it makes it a safe cheap way to get around.
The best part is that you only need one card for the buses, subway and trains!

1. Buying a SUBE card. SUBE cards can be bought anywhere that has a large light blue SUBE sign. This might be at certain Kiosks or Newspaper Stands:
 Or at a National Lotery Offices:

2. Make sure to add some money to your card. When it runs out you can always add more at these same types of locations or at any Subway Station.

3. Travel like a local. The website ComoLlego will tell you which bus or subway to take and where to get off!

4. BUSES, aka ¨Colectivos¨ run all night 24/7. Each bus varies in color and has a particular Number. Buses will always and ONLY stop at their specific bus stops with their number on it. This can be an official looking bus stop, a black sign pole, or even just a sticker on a pole.

Each Bus line differs but they should come every 15 to 25 minutes if not sooner. To stop the bus simple stretch your arm out.
Tell the bus driver where you are getting off so he knows how much to charge you. The amount will appear on the card reader machine. Hold your SUBE card agaisnt the reader until the green checkmark flashes and you are free to choose any seat you like.
4. SUBWAY, aka ¨Subte¨ is open from 5 AM to 10:30 PM. There are 6 Subway lines: A, B, C, D, E and H.

Connections can be made to cross from one color to the other at specific stations by following the colored signs. To get into the subway you must pay for your ride, it is one standard fee no matter how far you go. A flashing green arrow lets you know your card has been charged and the turnstile will let you through. Subways should come every 7 to 10 minutes.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Argentine Slang - the basics that locals use every day!

Ready for the next level of Spanish? Want to try and sound more local or less formal?

Here is some PG 13 slang - Maybe offensive to someone older but definitely okay among friends.

SlangMeaning Literal Translation
Che Hey, Hey you, Dude, Buddy/Mate, and as a pause to think
Dale Okay, Sounds good, Yeah, For sure, Go ahead, Hurry up, Come on
Re Very, really
Joya/Genial Great, Wonderful, Cool, Nice, Brilliant Joya=jewel
Boludo (friendly) Dude (unfriendly) Dumbass, idiot
Todo bien (question) How´s it going? Everything okay? Are you alright? (answer) It´s all good, Everything is good!, I´m fine
Osea cualquiera Like so random, like what? Random thing
Tranqui (verb) Chill, relax, slow down, chillax Abbreviation of tranquilo = tranquil
Sufi Enough, stop there, that´s good there Abbreviation for suficiente = sufficient
Ya fue It´s too late, let it go, nevermind It already left.
Tiene un mambo en la cabeza/ tiene un mambo con eso They are crazy/ they are hung up on that something
Que quilombo What a mess, disaster, complicated situation
Gringo Foreigner
Me estas jodiendo/ Dejate de joder You are F´ing with me, No kidding, No way joder = F´
Tipo/Chabon/Pibe Dude, guy
Tipo/ Y nada../ Este../ Osea Like/ and so nothing.. / Um.. / I mean (sentence fillers)
Gracioso Funny, hilarious Greasy
Cago de risa Dying of laughing, I´m shitting myself I´m shitting from laughter
Cago de hambre Dying of hunger, starving I´m shitting from hunger
Me muero I would die, how embarrasing,  I would die
Es buena onda/ Es mala onda They´re chill, easy going, fun. They are cool with it, they are down with it/ They are a grump, stuck up, stingy, not game for anything, rude (anything negative) They have good or bad energy
Que mala onda/ Que buena onda What a shame, how rude, that sucks/ Sweet, That´s awesome, No way how great What bad/good energy
Que onda (positive) Heyyyy, What up, What´s going on, What´s the deal/plan (question) What´s with you, What´s your problem What´s the energy
Baja un cambio Take it down a knotch, slow down Go down a gear
No tengo un mango I have no money, I am broke, I don´t have a dime
No da Something doesn´t add up, not going to work It doesn´t give
No da para ...  It´s not a good moment to ... Things aren´t right to ...  It´s not going to be enough time for things to work out well It doesn´t give for
No doy mas I am exhausted, I´m beat, I can´t take anymore I can´t give any more
Que fiaca/ Que paja I´m feeling too lazy to do that, what a headache to think about doing that, no way I´m doing that fiaca=lazy, paja (stronger version of phrase)=dick
Tomatela Suck it up, F´ you Take it
Me chupa un huevo/ Me chupa I don´t give a F´, I could careless I suck an egg
No entiendo un pomo I don´t understand a thing, I´m totally lost
Forro Prick, Jerk, also means Condom Cover
Le salto la ficha He/She lost it, He/She flipped out When someone´s chip jumps
Pedo Literally means to fart but can be a versatile word...
Vivir en un nube de pedos Be out of touch with reality, Clueless To live in a cloud of farts
El año del pedo Forever ago The year of the fart
Estar en pedo (verb)To be drunk
Ni en pedo No way I´m doing that, No chance that´s happening Not even if I were drunk
Escabio/Escabiar (noun) Alcohol, booze (verb) to drink alcohol
Transar (verb) Makeout
Morfar chow down, stuff yourself
Chamuyar/Mandar fruta B.S., make it all up Send fruit
Chamuyero Player, smooth talker, someone who B.S.´s
Baboso Catcaller, sleazy man Someone who drools or the animal slug
Posta (question) for real?, no shit? (statement) it´s the real deal, I´m not kidding, I´m not messing with you
Trucho Fake, cheap, knock-off Trout
Cheto Preppy
Que pesado/ Es un pesado Something thatis annoying, irritating, or a person who is annoying heavy
Es lo mas/ Sos lo mas It´s awesome/ You´re the best It´s everything, you´re everything
Copado/Coparse (adjective) cool, awesome (verb) get into it, have fun
Sos un bocho/ Sos un groso You are a brain/You are the shit
Piola (about a person) intelligent, street smart, creative thinker (in general) great, affirmative statement
Cara dura To do something shameless (do a poor job and still ask for money, not own up to something), be fake Put on a hard face
Chorear Steal, take without permission To drip
Hacer dedo Hitchhike Make finger
Se zarpo/ Zarpado (verb) go too far in a joke or with a comment (adjective) extremely, shockingly