Monday, March 28, 2016


Are you visiting Buenos Aires and Diabetic type 1, type 2,
 or maybe just watching your white sugar intake ?
Don´t worry! You don´t have to miss out on any of the local treats!!!

ICE CREAM: Argentina is famous for it´s ice cream which follows the taste and quality of Italian Gelato. While almost any ice cream parlour has ¨Light¨ flavors, most of these have some sugar or sucrose in them. However, there are a few well known chains (that will come up in a google maps search) with as many as 5 flavors, sweetened with only fructose!

Volta: The Most Delicious Strawberry, the classic and very sweet Dulce de Leche, Chocolate, French-Vanilla (Crema de Vainilla), and Vanilla-Bean-ish flavor (Crema Americana)  

Abuela Goye: To-Die-For-Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

Vanshelato: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

DULCE DE LECHE: the infamous Argentina Caramel. Argentines are fanatical of this stuff! Really anyone who tries it will no doubt become addicted- and now you can too :)

Check your closest ¨Dietetica¨ or local health food store, there are actually a lot of brands. Some brands to look out for are:

  • The decadent Doña Magdalena (pictured right)
  • Extra creamy Regi diet (pictured left)
  • Dulsevia

ALFAJORE: traditional Argentine cookie sandwich to be eaten with tea or coffee, generally made of two shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche and then dipped in chocolate. Pretty much a sugar bomb but check for these brands that are just as delicious and use sugar alternatives!

CHOCOLEIT: this brand comes in white chocolate or dark chocolate and is sweetened entirely with stevia. Check for it at local health food stores called, ¨Dieteticas.¨

Each Dietetica often has their own brand- just be sure to read the ingredients!

     ***If you checked the ¨Dieteticas¨ around you and no luck, then for sure you can find all of these items and more at the grocery stores in the Buenos Aires China Town. They even have sugar free fruit smoothies, fruit juices, cookies and jelly!***

Still craving more?A beautiful Sugar Free Haven is a store called ¨Danico,¨ located at Pasteur 532 just around the corner from the subway stop Pasteur on the red B line. This hole in the wall store has amazingly delicious products and also a good price for insulin pens!

This area around the subway stop Pasteur actually specializes in medical equipment and farmaceuticals so if you are in search of something in particular, this area will most likely have it and at a decent price!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What Is The Argentine ¨DNI¨ And How To Obtain One (March 2016)

      DNI, or Document of National Identity, is the primary identity document for Argentine citizens, as well as, temporary or permanent resident aliens. The size of a credit card, it states the card bearer´s basic information, as well as, a personalized eight digit number ¨xx, xxx, xxx¨ and is equivalent to the United States Social Security number or the United Kingdom National Insurance number. Most importantly this card/number allows you to be a fully-functioning member of society here in Argentina!

       Following is an outline of the entire process, if you are not in a hurry the whole process can cost as little as 120 pesos. In general, legal procedures can be very confusing and frustrating in Argentina because there is often little standardization and sometimes if you ask the same question twice you are given two different answers. Being over prepared can avoid a lot of head aches. As a rule of thumb it is always better to make extra photocopies of everything. If you heard there is another document you will need, bring it just in case. Prepare for the worst and then of course everything will go smoothly :)

            You will need:
1.      Passport and an extra passport size photo
2.      Criminal Background Check from your home country
3.      Argentine Criminal Background Check (Antecedentes Penales)
a.      Make an appointment online at
b.      Select the location closest to you. A good choice is ¨SEDE:RENAR¨ located at Bartolome Mitre 1469 1st floor. Its hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:00pm.
c.       Choose a day and time. Fill in your information and reserve it. A confirmation will be sent to your email.
d.      Next fill out the form found at and print it!
e.      Go to the address at the time of your appointment with your passport, photocopy of your passport and the printed form.
f.        If you are approved your document will be emailed to you in 6 days for 60 pesos, in 24 hours for 150 pesos or in 6 hours for 250 pesos.
4.      Proof of Residence here in Argentina
a.      Go to closest local police station ¨Comisaria¨ with your passport and a photocopy of your passport. They will have you fill out a form with your Argentine address and charge you a very small fee, about 20 pesos.
b.      In the next 48 hours they will bring your proof of residence to your residence, so someone must be there to show your passport and personally accept the proof of residence.


Do you already have current permanent or temporary residence in Argentina?
If YES then:
1.     Make a free appointment online to start DNI process
  • Go to and in the top left corner click on the USA flag for English
  • Scroll down to Foreigners NIC and Passporte
  • Click ¨Get Your Appointment Online¨
  • Click the second link  ¨… NIC(National Identity Card)¨
  • Select ¨Ciudad Autonoma de BS AS¨
  • Select ¨Monserrat:COMUNA 1¨
  • It will ask you if you have a temporary visa: Yes.
  • Type of document: DNI-Originial-Primera Vez
  • Fill in your information (careful to put birth day before birth month!)
  • Choose a Time of day for appointment, choose day of appointment
  • Fill in your information and CONFIRM (confirmation is sent to your email)
2.      Go to the address ¨Hipólito Yrigoyen 952¨ at the time of your scheduled appointment with all your documents including temporary/permanent visa. It cost 40 pesos now, you can check the cost here: arancelarias.php
3.      If you are approved you are done! J Your DNI will be mailed to you.

If NO then: You can obtain a DNI and apply for residency in the same process.
           1.     Make a free appointment online to start DNI process
  • Go to and in the top left corner click on the USA flag for English
  • Scroll down to Foreigners NIC and Passporte
  • Click ¨Get Your Appointment Online¨
  • Click the second link  ¨… NIC(National Identity Card)¨
  • Select the first option: ¨RADICACION(+ DNI opcional, MAYOR de 16 años¨
  • Select ¨Ciudad Autonoma de BS AS¨
  • Select ¨Retiro:COMUNA 1¨
2.     Go to ¨Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 - Building 4¨ at the time of your scheduled appointment with ALL the documents, (Take a taxi because the address that comes up on google maps is slightly off and the location is hard to find). It cost 40 pesos now, you can check the cost here:
3.      If you are approved you are done! J Your DNI will be mailed to you.

Lost/Stolen/Broken DNI´s can be replaced in 24 hrs (Cost is 350 pesos)
2.      Select the location closest to you and click on it-
a.      Fill out the form and check your email for the appointment time they have given you.
b.      Pay with a credit card only!
3.      Go to the location you selected at the time they have given you. Bring your passport.

4.      Personally pick up your DNI the next day from the same location.

The process is always changing and I might have forgotten something- so if you see something wrong in this list PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN A COMMENT :) :)