Sunday, November 25, 2012

Five Stars Hotels in Buenos Aires

 - Alvear Palace Hotel: Member of "The Leading hotels of the world", it´s one of the most luxurious in the city and was opened in 1932, when local aristocracy was this avenue´s trademark.  French style is noticeable in all of its building´s inner and outer ornamentations.  Top-notch service and one of the best brunches in town.  1891 Alvear Ave. (Te. 4808-2100)

- Intercontinental: Five stars hotel with every Intercontinental chain amenity throughout its 315 rooms.  Over three of its floors spread exclusive rooms for Club Intercontinental members as well.  Open terrace for executive lunches and an excellent brunch, with a menu that covers everything, from grilled meat to sushi.  A favourite among executives.  809 Moreno st. (Te. 4340-7100)

- Four Seasons: This 134 floor tower, with its 138 rooms, is a classic among Buenos Aires´s top ranking, 5-star hotels.  Regularly attended by show-scene celebrities, such as Madonna or The Rolling Stones, who land in the country and are put up at the posh Alzaga Unzué mansion, which was completely redone and attached to the hotel.  1086 Posadas st. (Te. 4321-1200)

- Faena Hotel: An exclusive and trendy boutique hotel, designed by Philippe Stark and Alan Faena, its owner and host.  Rooms with a view of the river and tailor-made decor, several restaurants and first rate music performances.  445 Martha Salotti st. (4010-9000)

Hilton Buenos Aires
- Hilton Buenos Aires: This modern building designed by architect Mario Roberto Alvarez was the pioneer in Puerto Madero. A huge five storey lobby and a terrace pool, in which one may swim while looking on the city, are some of the features that make it one of the finest hotels in the city.  351 Macacha Güemes Ave. (Te. 4891-0000)

- Sofitel: The imposing Torre Mihanovich, raised in 1929, was remodeled and turned into the first Sofitel in Buenos Aires.  Located on one of the most classy streets in the city, renown for its art galleries, the hotel is one of the most aristocratic in town.  Its restaurant, Le Sud, offers one of the best French menus in Buenos Aires. 841 Arroyo st. (Te. 4131-0000)

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