Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Buenos Aires Coffe shops information

Café con leche
These are words that you will see in every coffe menu in Buenos Aires:

- "Café con leche": Espresso and milk in equal measure.

- "Cortado": A shot of espresso topped with a thin layer of milk and foam.

- "Submarino": A tall glass of hot milk served with a chocolate bar - the argentinian version of a hot chocolate.

- "Capuccino": In Buenos Aires a capuccino is generally served in a tall glass and has nothing to do with the Italian version.

- "Doble": Any way you like it, but double the dose.

- "Jarrito": Any way you like it, served in a small, elongated glass.

- "Lágrima": Literally a "teardrop" of espresso (less than half a shot) with plenty of milk.

- "Café con crema": Espresso and cream in equal.

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