Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to reach an orgasm with an argentinian barbecue?

The "Parrillada" (barbecue)
If you are planning to travel to Buenos Aires, you will find a lot of places to visit.  Very nice tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your camera.  You can follow your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or just friend to take 1000 pictures (of course in 500 you will find a guy waving at the back) to the Colon Theater, Obelisk, Dorrego Square, Caminito, Palermo´s Woods and more.  But there is a pleasure that you should not avoid.

We (argentinians) have no idea about: technology, serious policy, economy, baseball, wars, get important allies in the world, etc. But we do know about one thing: Barbecues! Yeah! (I´m so proud... I don´t know how can this improve our lives... may be we can exchange 1.000.000 "chorizos" (sausages) for a part of the Falklands...I don´t know... We can give a try).

From my point of view, these are the best places to eat an argentinian "parrillada" (barbecue) in Buenos Aires:
Vegetarian Barbecue

1- Las Nazarenas. Address: 1132 Reconquista st. Retiro. Te: 4312-5559

2- La Raya: Address: 2566 Ortiz de Campo st. Palermo. Te: 4802-5763

3- Río Alba: Address: 4499 Cerviño st. Palermo. Te: 4773-5748

4- Aquellos Años: Address: Rafael de Obligado st. and La Pampa st. Costanera Norte. Te: 4784-8681
My offer: 1.000.000 "chorizos" (sausages)
for the Falklands.

5- El 22: Address: 1950 Carranza st. Palermo. Te: 4778-1095

6- Happening: Address: Rafael Obligado Ave. and La Pampa st. Costanera Norte. Te: 4787-0666

7- Lo de Mary: Address: 4099 Humahuaca st. Almagro. Te: 4864-8033

8- Don Zoilo: Address: 1406 Honorio Pueyrredón Av. Villa Crespo. Te: 4588-3800

9- El Mirasol: Address: 136 Boedo Ave. Almagro. Te: 4864-2379

10- La Nelly: Address: J. B. Alberdi st. and Río de la Plata. Puerto de Olivos. Vicente Lopez. Te: 4794-4466

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