Saturday, December 8, 2012

Buenos Aires Nightlife: 5 of the Best Karaoke bars

If you sing awful, and you are looking for good parties and a couple of drinks, may be a Karaoke Bar is a good choice.  These are 5 of the Best Karaoke bars in Buenos Aires City:

- República de Acá: The karaoke madness starts at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and rolls on into the small hours. Address: 601 Alvarez Thomas Ave., Colegiales (Te. 4581-0278).

- New Port Pub: This pub rocks a Sunday-night selection of classic hits from the 1980s and 1990s. Address: 1715 Junín st., Recoleta (Te. 4803-3332)

- Sitges: Sunday night´s alright for singing at this popular Palermo gay bar.

- Probar: Belt out your favourite tunes on Fridays and Saturdays. Address: 2455 Vuelta de Obligado st., Belgrano. (Te. 4781-1481)

- Chess: In the heart of edgy Koreatown (take a taxi here), hire a booth and warm up your vocal cords to kitsch Korean video clips. Address: 1548 Carabobo, Bajo Flores. (Te. 4632-4242)

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Five Stars Hotels in Buenos Aires

 - Alvear Palace Hotel: Member of "The Leading hotels of the world", it´s one of the most luxurious in the city and was opened in 1932, when local aristocracy was this avenue´s trademark.  French style is noticeable in all of its building´s inner and outer ornamentations.  Top-notch service and one of the best brunches in town.  1891 Alvear Ave. (Te. 4808-2100)

- Intercontinental: Five stars hotel with every Intercontinental chain amenity throughout its 315 rooms.  Over three of its floors spread exclusive rooms for Club Intercontinental members as well.  Open terrace for executive lunches and an excellent brunch, with a menu that covers everything, from grilled meat to sushi.  A favourite among executives.  809 Moreno st. (Te. 4340-7100)

- Four Seasons: This 134 floor tower, with its 138 rooms, is a classic among Buenos Aires´s top ranking, 5-star hotels.  Regularly attended by show-scene celebrities, such as Madonna or The Rolling Stones, who land in the country and are put up at the posh Alzaga Unzué mansion, which was completely redone and attached to the hotel.  1086 Posadas st. (Te. 4321-1200)

- Faena Hotel: An exclusive and trendy boutique hotel, designed by Philippe Stark and Alan Faena, its owner and host.  Rooms with a view of the river and tailor-made decor, several restaurants and first rate music performances.  445 Martha Salotti st. (4010-9000)

Hilton Buenos Aires
- Hilton Buenos Aires: This modern building designed by architect Mario Roberto Alvarez was the pioneer in Puerto Madero. A huge five storey lobby and a terrace pool, in which one may swim while looking on the city, are some of the features that make it one of the finest hotels in the city.  351 Macacha Güemes Ave. (Te. 4891-0000)

- Sofitel: The imposing Torre Mihanovich, raised in 1929, was remodeled and turned into the first Sofitel in Buenos Aires.  Located on one of the most classy streets in the city, renown for its art galleries, the hotel is one of the most aristocratic in town.  Its restaurant, Le Sud, offers one of the best French menus in Buenos Aires. 841 Arroyo st. (Te. 4131-0000)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Buenos Aires for Children

Must-sees in Buenos Aires for Children:

- Jardín Japonés: The best way to introduce children to the milenary japanese culture.  In the midst of this landscape scattered with delicate bridges and colourful carp fish, one may enjoy the tea ceremony. Address: 2966 Casares Ave.

- Museo de los Niños: In this small scale city, the youngest family members may play house, doctor, bank teller, or any other game that may catch their fancy. Address: 3247 Corrientes Ave.

- Planetarium Galileo Galilei: Within this huge sphere one may witness a fascinating astronomic spectacle. Thanks to its projectors, over 8900 stars are visible.  At the entrance several meteorites which fell all around the country, are on display. Address: Sarmiento Ave. and Belisario Roldán.

- Reserva ecológica: Getting lost anywhere along its 350 hectares allows us to get in touch with nature and become acquainted with the flora and fauna that inhabits the Río de la Plata shoreline.  Two circuits available, by bike or on foot. Address: 1550 Tristán Achával Rodríguez Ave.

- Museo de Ciencias Naturales: Its 13 rooms require over a day to be properly gone over and for us to study closely pieces such as an enormous meteorite, astonishing dinosaur skeletons and marine mammals bones.  Address: 470 Angel Gallardo Ave.

- La Boca Fire Station: Inside headquarters a vapor run fire engine, old manual pumps and a ladder, dated 20th. century, are on display.

- Temaiken: Bio-park located 50 kms from Buenos Aires.  Created with an educational intent, it has a large aquarium cinema at 360 degrees and other animal attractions. Route 9. Escobar.

- Zoo:  In Palermo, a small urban jungle gives delight to children and whole families.  Along the usual animals, there are activities for the kids.  Each time a new specimen is born, they get to choose its name.  Also night tours.  Address: Sarmiento Ave. and Las Heras Ave.

Tierra Santa

- Tierra Santa: The first religious theme park in the world, where different times of Jesus´s life are recreated.  Shows are staged and there is a restaurant with Middle East cuisine, as well.  A huge Christ model points out its location very clearly.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hospitals in BA

Hospital Alemán
The standard of medical care in Buenos Aires is generally high.  For emergency or general medical needs, try Recoleta´s Hospital Alemán (Pueyrredón 1640, te. 4827 7000), which has english-speaking doctors and is one of the cleanest and the best hospitals in BA.

There are also english-speaking doctors at the Hospital Británico (Pedriel 74, te. 4309 6500) in Constitución, and at Almagro´s Hospital Italiano (Juan Domingo Perón 4190, te. 4959 0200). Walk-in appointmets at these private hospitals start from AR$ 200.  
Hospital Británico

In La Boca, the Hospital Argerich (Pi y Margall 750, te. 4121 0700) is one of the city´s better public hospitals; or make for the immense public Hospital de Clínicas (Avenida Córdoba 2351, te. 5950 8000).

For an english-speaking gynaecologist, contact Dr Claudia María Battista (3rd. floor, Arenales 1611, Recoleta, te. 4811 6127).

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Charlie´s Social Networks: Discover on line Travel Information about BA

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We invite you to follow us on our Social Networks and you will discover a lot of great tips and on line travel information about Buenos Aires City:



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Friday, August 31, 2012

Day Trip: San Antonio de Areco

The quintessential "pueblo de campo" (country town), San Antonio de Areco makes for a lovely day trip or overnight stay from Buenos Aires, a mere 113 km away.

It was founded in 1728 around a colonial church, and its attractive cobbled streets and 19th-century buildings are home to artisan´s shops, museums and restaurants.  The town is a gaucho hub and residents can often be seen sporting berets ("boinas") and billowing trousers with chaps ("bombachas de gaucho").  Strolling around its pretty, leafy streets, you´re just as likely to pass a cowboy on a horse as a child pedalling a bicycle.

San Antonio de Areco is ringed by a seemingly limitless expanse of flat, arid pampas; here "gauchos" on horseback roam the plains, roping cows and sharpening their knives on straps of hide.  A visit to San Antonio de Areco can easily be coupled with a day visit or stay at one of the many surrounding "estancias".

San Antonio de Areco is 1hr 30mins by car from BA on "Ruta Nacional 8".  If you are travelling by bus, services leave from Retiro bus terminal (1hr 45mins).

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Subways in BA

If you want to travel fast in Buenos Aires, Subways are may be a good call. Why "may be"? Because may be you´ll find some lines crowded (such as Subway line D) near 18 hs. and may be you can find a strike in process.

Anyways, Subway is a cheap and fast means of transportation in Buenos Aires City.  

Lines and Stations: 

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires

 If you enjoy vegetarian food you will find these restaurants very interesting:

- "Arevalito":

Vegetarians should make a pilgrimage to this divinely cramped boho café in Palermo Hollywood - or pull up a seat in the street for more enjoyable, spacious eating and the chance to watch the world go by.  Arevalito stands out for its home-made food and for its daily sandwich special - fit for a king´s picnic.  Starring roles go to the four daily dishes on a menu that changes between lunch and dinner, with support from a vegetable tart, a salad of the day and numerous desserts.  The pastry on the leek and potato tart we had was close to perfect; crumbly, thick and tasty; and digging into the Brusqueteando con Willis salad was like a voyage of discovery, turning up such delights as goat´s cheese, sunflower seeds, black olives, garlic, parsley, beans, mushrooms, spinach, pear, basil and tomato.  As spectacular and delicious as the refreshing lemon pomelade.

Location: 1478 Arévalo (Te. 4776-4252)

- "Artemisia":

Artemisia´s original branch has long been a classic stop for any vegetarian or pescatarian working their way around BA.  On the back of that success, the veggie wonder-workers were inspired to open this second joint on the other side of the barrio´s train tracks.  With decor that includes deliberately mismatched crockery and a pantry-style counter laden with tempting home-made breads and muffins, the eaterie has become an instant hit with Palermo´s brunch set.  Try starting your meal with an atypical "picada" - that´s atypical in that instead of consisting of ham and cheese, it also includes bruschetta with dips, and the delicious and original addition of beetroot marinated in ginger, honey and thyme.  Mains include "polenta" lasagne and Thai-style haddock in a marinade of lemongrass and coconut milk.  Delightfully far from the veggie-standard omelette.

Location: 3877 Cabrera (Te. 4863-4242) and also in 5996 Gorriti (Te. 4776-5484)

Buenos Aires Verde
- "Buenos Aires Verde":

It ain´t easy being green - or vegetarian - in BA, but Buenos Aires Verde pulls off both requirements with aplomb.  The hippie aesthetic of paintbox-bright decor and inspirational quotes on the wall belies a suprisingly sophisticated menu.  Guests are greeted with a taster shot of the juice of the day, fresh, seeded bread and houmous. For mains, a row of flavourful seaweed and seed rolls comes wrapped around cashew cheese, mushrooms, bean sprouts and goji berries, while the Thai vegetarian curry with spiced almonds is a perfect Asian food fix.  Pair it with a smoothie or herbal tea, and be sure to leave room for a slice of the "torta de cacao" (chocolate cake).

Location: 5657 Gorriti (Te. 4775-9594)

- "Kensho":

Kensho restaurant
Kensho blazed a pioneering trail across the closed-door firmament for a number of years and now has a spacious, zen-style home in the city´s vegetarian heartland.  Here chef Máximo Cabrera has continued his Argentinian-inspired organic alchemy with bite-sized Chori Nori, which are and I-can´t-believe-it´s-not-chorizo revelation; likewise, the creamy mound of cashew cheese is a lactose-defying feat.  Cabrera´s healthier-than-thou emphasis on a raw, coelic-friendly creations and organic "vino" belies his sense of humour, reflected in dishes such as Crepe Circles, Red Hot Chili Papas and James Brownie.  For a night-time treat, the five-course tasting menu is AR$ 160.  To spread the good word on all things organic, Cabrera also runs cooking classes on Monday mornings.

Location: 5783 El Salvador (Te. 4778-0655)

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things to do in Buenos Aires during August

 Events to see in this beautiful city during August:

- Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championships:  The capital´s tanguero magic comes out in full force with performances and milongas in venues across the city.  All events are free but there is limited capacity so be sure to reserve in advance or arrive early.
Dates: 14 - 28 August

- Torneo Apertura: Making the kick-off to the First Division football season, this tournament is sure to prompt heated, passionate commentary.
Dates: Aug - Dec

- Buenos Aires Fashion Week: A biannual event with catwalk shows, exhibitions and showrooms of the lastest collections from local design luminaries such as Prüne, Rapsodia, Tramando and Cora Groppo.
Dates: 18-20 August
Place: La Rural, 4201 Santa Fe Ave.

- Expo Trastiendas: A showcase of more than 500 local and international artists.
Dates: Aug. 31st. - Sept. 4th.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rural Exhibition 2012

In this annual fair you can enjoy a "gaucho" (argentine cowboy) experience without leaving the city, catch parades, horse-jumping and cattle auctions.

This agricultural fair is held in Palermo neighbourhood and it is organised by the Argentine Rural Society. Primarily a farming show, breeders arrive from all over the country to exhibit their livestock, particulary cattle.

From July 19 th. to July 31 st.

Address: La Rural, 4201 Santa Fe Ave.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Buenos Aires Coffe shops information

Café con leche
These are words that you will see in every coffe menu in Buenos Aires:

- "Café con leche": Espresso and milk in equal measure.

- "Cortado": A shot of espresso topped with a thin layer of milk and foam.

- "Submarino": A tall glass of hot milk served with a chocolate bar - the argentinian version of a hot chocolate.

- "Capuccino": In Buenos Aires a capuccino is generally served in a tall glass and has nothing to do with the Italian version.

- "Doble": Any way you like it, but double the dose.

- "Jarrito": Any way you like it, served in a small, elongated glass.

- "Lágrima": Literally a "teardrop" of espresso (less than half a shot) with plenty of milk.

- "Café con crema": Espresso and cream in equal.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to reach an orgasm with an argentinian barbecue?

The "Parrillada" (barbecue)
If you are planning to travel to Buenos Aires, you will find a lot of places to visit.  Very nice tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your camera.  You can follow your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or just friend to take 1000 pictures (of course in 500 you will find a guy waving at the back) to the Colon Theater, Obelisk, Dorrego Square, Caminito, Palermo´s Woods and more.  But there is a pleasure that you should not avoid.

We (argentinians) have no idea about: technology, serious policy, economy, baseball, wars, get important allies in the world, etc. But we do know about one thing: Barbecues! Yeah! (I´m so proud... I don´t know how can this improve our lives... may be we can exchange 1.000.000 "chorizos" (sausages) for a part of the Falklands...I don´t know... We can give a try).

From my point of view, these are the best places to eat an argentinian "parrillada" (barbecue) in Buenos Aires:
Vegetarian Barbecue

1- Las Nazarenas. Address: 1132 Reconquista st. Retiro. Te: 4312-5559

2- La Raya: Address: 2566 Ortiz de Campo st. Palermo. Te: 4802-5763

3- Río Alba: Address: 4499 Cerviño st. Palermo. Te: 4773-5748

4- Aquellos Años: Address: Rafael de Obligado st. and La Pampa st. Costanera Norte. Te: 4784-8681
My offer: 1.000.000 "chorizos" (sausages)
for the Falklands.

5- El 22: Address: 1950 Carranza st. Palermo. Te: 4778-1095

6- Happening: Address: Rafael Obligado Ave. and La Pampa st. Costanera Norte. Te: 4787-0666

7- Lo de Mary: Address: 4099 Humahuaca st. Almagro. Te: 4864-8033

8- Don Zoilo: Address: 1406 Honorio Pueyrredón Av. Villa Crespo. Te: 4588-3800

9- El Mirasol: Address: 136 Boedo Ave. Almagro. Te: 4864-2379

10- La Nelly: Address: J. B. Alberdi st. and Río de la Plata. Puerto de Olivos. Vicente Lopez. Te: 4794-4466

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is a trip to Japan in the middle of Palermo.  It was built and designed  by civil engineer Isakari and landscaper Yatsuo Inomata in 1979.

It is a beautiful place of japanese classical style that combines different varieties of trees and plants among artificial lakes croosed by delicate wood bridges.

There is an interesting typical restaurant and hundreds of activities to do. You can enjoy a Sumo show, classes about how to take care a bonsai, featured paintings collections, and more.

It is located in Casares Ave. and Figueroa Alcorta Ave.

Timetable: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.  Admission: $ 16 (pesos)(year 2012). Children under 12: free.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Must sites of Evita´s life

One of the most important actors in the argentinian history was Evita.  This are the places where you can find part of her life:

- Museo Evita.  A walk over her life, through elements that once belonged to her.  2988 Lafinur st. (Te. 4807-0306)

- Duarte Mausoleum in Recoleta area.  Her embalmed body rests at the Recoleta Cementery. 1760 Junin st.

- Casa Rosada.  From its balcony, Evita, already ailing, resigned the vicepresidency, in 1951.  50 Balcarce st.

- CGT seat.  In 1955, her embalmed body was stolen from this building, by the military government.  802 Azopardo st.

- City Government.  One of the halls bears her name, since this is where her foundation worked. 130 Peru st.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recommended Movie for your relaxing time in Buenos Aires

Which movie should you rent for a quiet night at your hotel or apartment? Definitely "El Secreto de sus Ojos".

The movie won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards, making Argentina the first country in Latin America to win it twice (having already won for The Official History in 1985).

"El Secreto de sus Ojos" (The Secret in their Eyes) is one of the most succesful films in the recent years.  The film is based on the novel "La Pregunta de sus Ojos" by Eduardo Sacheri, who wrote the script together with the director Juan José Campanella.

Ricardo Darín plays the character of "Benjamín Espósito", an experienced court officer who is recently retired and decides to write a novel.  So he finds inspiration in an unfinished case investigated in 1974, regarding the murder of a young woman.  Soledad Villlamil and Guillermo Francella complete the cast of this film thats beats every audience records.

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