Monday, August 1, 2011

Tigre: Discovering our remarkable Delta - Part III

Fair and Fruits market

Fruits market

This attraction has a harbour too, this is the place where the locals used to trade their supplies, foodstuff, and merchandise produced on the islands.  Nowadays among the traditional products, you may find food, clothes, plants, furniture made of wicker or jute, to buy. Opens everyday from 10 am until 7 pm.

Victorica Stroll

On the other side of the fluvial station, after you cross the bridge, enhaces among the boats and kayaks, a wide variety of gastronomic proposals. We specially recommend "Il Novo María del Luján", located at the no. 611 of Paseo Victorica, that has an outstanding view and the best mediterranean and international cuisine to offer.  Has attractive options to enjoy the view from the pier, among which we emphasize its friendly atmosphere at tea time.  Two blocks from there, is a must "Vuelta & Victorica resto" that offers also an excellent cuisine as well as the view and "Villa Julia Resort", a stately home built in 1906 as a vacation residence, following the traditional french style, with an outstanding  wooded park with swimming pool facing the river.
Victorica Stroll

As we once read on the Pirelli guide, "...Tigre is an enormous and lovely aquatic country club.  Cars and streets dissapear between a complex chain of channels and different means of sailing transport".

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