Thursday, August 11, 2011

Las Cañitas Neighbourhood

 Between Palermo and Belgrano, behind the "Campo Argentino de Polo", there rose a few years ago this small area which spread alongside a large group of signature cuisine restaurants. Its name stems from "El camino de las Cañitas", a road which connected the city with the secluded area of country houses, in the mid 19th century, when carriages lifted the dust from the dry dirt roads.

Modernity and splendour concomitant with the 1990´s caused the rise of a new gastronomic pole.  At first, the new restaurants aimed at the local hip scene, but eventually the varied gastronomic offer and decoration of the establishments started attracting a public of diverse styles and trends.  The menu is eclectic: grilled meat at "Los Primos", wood-fired pizza at "Morelia", fusion dishes at "Novecento", regional fare at "Las Cholas", pastas in "Eh Santino", drinks at "Soul Café", wine and "tapas" at "Arguibel".

Morelia restaurant
Added to this, new clothing shops peer timidly in between the profusion of culinary hot spots.  This is, for instance, the case with "Rapsodia", "Vevú" and "Giesso", to mention a few.

Must-sees at Las Cañitas:

- Soul Café: A restaurant extremely reminiscent of the 70´s: dim lights, red walls and signature cuisine. 246 Baez.
- Morelia: Wood-fired pizza plays the starring role.  It´s thin crust tempts us to have several slices. 260 Baez.
Soul Café
- El Primo: A humble pizza joint, with up-beat atmosphere.  Good meat cuts and reasonable prices. 302 Baez.
- Las Cholas: Local Argentine cuisine dishes, cooked in a cob oven.  It tends to fill fast. 306 Arce.
- Moshi Moshi: At this cute and light hall one may have varied rolls, salmon and sea bream.  Sushi bar. 1707 Ortega & Gasset.

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