Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tigre: Discovering our remarkable Delta - Part I


Around the harbour, tourism, nautical sports and leisure activities become the main attractions, special to enjoy a microclimate with fresh air, and an intense sensation of relaxation.  The harbour from where speed boats and vessels leave, we find companies such as "Sturla" or "Catamaranes Interisleña", traditional companies, that travel along the Delta, offering a great variety of services.  The most traditional rowing clubs have their head offices in Tigre, as well as the people of schools who, from the Navy Museum, organizes a half day excursion and a full day service to practice rowing or kayak.  They provide the boats and kayacs to practice this versatile sport to advance into the enchanted channels, that definitely turns to be pleasant for our senses, because alllows us to enjoy both the landscape and the diversity of bird species.  This group is responsible to offer their service for free for disabled people.

When President Sarmiento first visited the Delta in 1855, he was not our president yet, but discovered this wonderful place and became responsible for its development.  As a regular visitor to this area, built a modest wooden house, that today we can see surrounded by a glass box, alter sailing an hour from the harbour.

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