Friday, July 8, 2011

Gifts from Buenos Aires


What should you buy as gifts in Buenos Aires City:

- "Alfajores"
- "Dulce de leche"
- Leather shoes and leather jacket
- Soccer t-shirt
- Leather wallet
- Red Wine (Reccommended: "Malbec")
Soccer t-shirt
- "Mate" and "Yerba"
- Tango shoes and music
- Handcrafts
- Patagonia objects
- Poscards
- Argentinean books (Reccommended authors: "Borges" and "Sabato")
- Films (Oscar winners: "El Secreto de sus ojos" and "La Historia Oficial")
- Small kitsch objects
- Traditional Argentinean Candies
- Silver jewelry
- "Bombachas de campo" and "Alpargatas"

Accommodation reccommended: Charlie´s Buenos Aires Apartments , Hostels Buenos Aires , Residencia Universitaria Capital Federal

Leather jacket

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