Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tigre: Discovering our remarkable Delta - Part II

Casino Trilenium
One of the most interesting proposals is to spend at least one evening in Tigre.  Hotels, hostels, bungalows, among other type of accommodation are located in Tigre and besides rivers and channels, such as "El Sitio Dorado" located on the first section of the islands, 50 minutes from the harbour, a well known place because of the beauty of its nature and good access from downtown.  Best place to relax, walk and visit the variety of landscapes and unforgettable tourist attractions. Equipped with the best amenities and services. Another option might be "Casino Trilenium", with different activities such as shows, restaurants, Disco, promotions and obviously the traditional 1500 slot machines.  "Parque de la Costa", offers a great variety of games and passports to spend a full day on this amusement park, becoming one of the places children like most. At the Historic Core, we reccomend to go to the traditional "Tigre Hotel", an outstanding residence, of french architecture that nowadays stands as the "Tigre Museum of Art".  As a different option from what usually offers Tigre, "La Real" has an excellent proposal on active tourism and located just 15 minutes on public transportation. The owners of this house receive you to enjoy the plenitude of nature, on this astonishing and colorful area, with a variety of proposals such as island trekkings, island Photo safari, boat trips, full board accommodation, beyond the possibility of visiting the Parana River as well. One of the three companies in charge of the transfers around the Delta is "Jilguero", located at Tigre harbour, stand n° 8, access n° 2. They have wooden public boats, considerably significative since its appearance,  for the development of the islands, that achieve a social function and has specific shipping lanes, that works as an ordinary public transportation, with capacity for 70 people, allowing locals and tourists to move around the area, sailing only Tigre, "Carapachay", and "Lujan" rivers.

Parque de la Costa
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tigre: Discovering our remarkable Delta - Part I


Around the harbour, tourism, nautical sports and leisure activities become the main attractions, special to enjoy a microclimate with fresh air, and an intense sensation of relaxation.  The harbour from where speed boats and vessels leave, we find companies such as "Sturla" or "Catamaranes Interisleña", traditional companies, that travel along the Delta, offering a great variety of services.  The most traditional rowing clubs have their head offices in Tigre, as well as the people of schools who, from the Navy Museum, organizes a half day excursion and a full day service to practice rowing or kayak.  They provide the boats and kayacs to practice this versatile sport to advance into the enchanted channels, that definitely turns to be pleasant for our senses, because alllows us to enjoy both the landscape and the diversity of bird species.  This group is responsible to offer their service for free for disabled people.

When President Sarmiento first visited the Delta in 1855, he was not our president yet, but discovered this wonderful place and became responsible for its development.  As a regular visitor to this area, built a modest wooden house, that today we can see surrounded by a glass box, alter sailing an hour from the harbour.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gifts from Buenos Aires


What should you buy as gifts in Buenos Aires City:

- "Alfajores"
- "Dulce de leche"
- Leather shoes and leather jacket
- Soccer t-shirt
- Leather wallet
- Red Wine (Reccommended: "Malbec")
Soccer t-shirt
- "Mate" and "Yerba"
- Tango shoes and music
- Handcrafts
- Patagonia objects
- Poscards
- Argentinean books (Reccommended authors: "Borges" and "Sabato")
- Films (Oscar winners: "El Secreto de sus ojos" and "La Historia Oficial")
- Small kitsch objects
- Traditional Argentinean Candies
- Silver jewelry
- "Bombachas de campo" and "Alpargatas"

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Leather jacket

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Costanera Sur Nature Reserve

A few blocks from the great city´s noise, smoke and traffic, a huge 350 hectares natural park houses native vegetation and 250 species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, as well as a variety of 50 butterflies.  Up to the first half of 20th century the "Balneario Sur", a popular bathing spot, had its place here, until its waters were filled in and the space recovered was declared Nature Reserve in 1986.  Here grasslands coexist with "ceibos", native willows and reeds, providing the right environment for the species that inhabit the interior lagoons.  Among them mammals such as the otter, the "cuis" and the weasel, as well as amphibians and reptiles including the "overo" lizzard, some types of snakes and the cute "zarzal" frog are most prominent. The latter is hardest to discover since it matches its colouring to the surface on which it rests.  Guided tours throughout are available but one can also make one´s way with the aid of free maps supplied at the entrance, and which also allow the visitor to discern the sounds, colours and scents pertaining to different ecosystems.  There are two circuits: the "Laguna de los Patos" circuit, over 3300 metres accessed by Brasil st. and The "Río" circuit, 2200 metres long with access on Viamonte st. When riding a bike or walking, the tour takes from two to three hours over which one can watch such fauna specimens as feel inclined to make their appearance.  An interesting and out of the ordinary promenade is organised on Fridays of full moon.  For 4 kilometres and during three hours, specialised guides give the public an outline of local nature.  In order to take part of this activity prior notice is required.

Costanera Sur Nature Reserve.  Tristán Achaval Rodríguez Ave. 1550. (Te 4315-1320 / 4129).  Tuesday to Sundays, 8 to 18 (April to October) and 8 to 19 (November to March).  Guided tours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 10.30 to 15.30.

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