Sunday, June 26, 2011

Palermo Hollywood

The willful division of the neighbourhood has added the word "Hollywood" to this section of Palermo, due to the increasing patronage of celebrities, who, since early 2000, broke upon the first restaurants in the area.  Not far from Juan B. Justo Ave., on Bonpland, Fitz Roy streets and others bearing Latin American names such as Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador, it´s not strange to see groups of youngsters, dressed in retro, punk and pop styles, with apparent but well premeditated casualness.  Many of them are young television or cinema celebrities, who blend with the common public in trendy spots, either while dining or bar hopping.  Such is the case of "Unico Bar", "The Roxy" and "Acabar", which during evenings offer music, cool atmosphere and drinks.  The adult clientele has also found in the area many classy restaurants, where the youthful chefs are the stars who add their signature to original and unique dishes. "Olsen", of scandinavian origin; "Christophe", authentic french bistro and "Green Bamboo", with its vietnamese scents and flavours, are all cases in point of this particular style.  There are also quaint cafes such as "Oui Oui", with delicious sandwiches, which became the spot for neighbourhood dwellers Sunday afternoon meetings.  The same as in Palermo Viejo, clothing and furniture also have their place in the area´s creative scene, even though no larger than its gastronomic sector.  In this way, stores like "Divia", offering retro-hindu style shoes; "Fabrica de bananas", gathering clothes and accessories designers, and "Gropius Design", with its unique furniture, show us a panorama of all the creative proposals in the area.  Within this context, a huge warehouse seems to watch over the district´s identity: "El Dorrego".  Here, for the whole year, different multicultural activities, that combine art and fashion, give evidence of the lastest local trends, with the support and encouragement of the local city government.  Nightime appears as the best time of day in which to enjoy a walk, uncovering the varied palate pleasing experiences proffered by restaurants, always holding the chance of finding different alternatives.

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