Monday, May 23, 2011

Argentinean Slang - Part I

These are some argentinean words (very informal) that will help you out in your trip:

- "Bondi": Argentinean friendly meaning to say bus.

- "Zarpado": Someone who goes beyond the limits.

- "Estar en pedo": To be drunk.

- "Estar al pedo": Not to have anything to do.

- "Pasea perros": Person who works walking dogs.  You must have seen them in Buenos Aires City with many dogs.

- "Trucho": Fake (but in the argentinean style).

- " Embole": A boring moment.

- "Che": Expression used to refer to someone.

- "Boludo": Light insult, which is used among friends.

- "Colectivo": Bus.

- "Quilombo": A big big mess.

- "Porteño": Person who was born in Buenos Aires City.

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